Longo’s Stouffville

Stouffville, Ontario, Canada

Neelands has long partnered with Longo’s in the design and installation of the supermarket chain’s refrigeration and HVAC systems. We are very proud to be part of Longo’s Net Zero store in Stouffville, Ontario, that combined heat recovery with CO2 refrigeration technology.

In this design, the electrical energy produced by the combined heat and power (CHP) is recovered and used to finish condensing the CO2 refrigerant during the summer months. The energy generated by the CHP is also used to heat the building throughout the year. In addition, a fully integrated state-of-the-art control system for the refrigeration systems, lighting, and HVAC are all managed by a MicroThermo control system.

Longo’s 30,000 sq. ft. location in Stouffville, Ontario is the 10th location featuring transcritical CO2 refrigerant, which is not only non-ozone depleting but has the lowest global warming potential in retail refrigeration.